Festival uniform



Shop the whole look at ABOUT YOU*

Dress: Superdry*

Cardigan: Codello*

Boots: Ash*

Bag: Star Mela*

Necklace: Pieces*

Bracelet: sweet deluxe*

in Kooperation mit ABOUT YOU

farina_festival-20160512-107 farina_festival-20160512-226 farina_festival-20160512-138 farina_festival-20160512-174 farina_festival-20160512-364 farina_festival-20160512-240 farina_festival-20160512-334 farina_festival-20160512-217 farina_festival-20160512-368 farina_festival-20160512-394 farina_festival-20160512-385 farina_festival-20160512-377


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